Leaked 21-Page Lawsuit Reveals Details Of Cash Money’s Contracts With Lil Wayne, Young Money & Drake

(AllHipHop News) Recently news broke that Lil Wayne is suing his record label Cash Money for $51 million. Legal documents from the conflict have now made their way online. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Wayne (born Dwayne Carter, Jr) and his imprint Young Money Entertainment.

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The docs show Wayne signed with Cash Money in November 1998, and Young Money was officially launched in February 2003. According to the papers, Cash Money and Wayne agreed to split the revenue from Young Money 51%-49%.

The plaintiffs claim there have been disputes between Wayne and Cash Money as far back as 2005. Two agreed upon settlements in ’05 and ’06 were to give the “Lollipop” rapper advances on Young Money, Wayne solo projects, and two Cash Money duet albums. A later 2008 agreement supposedly afforded Wayne further amenities such as ownership of certain master recordings.

The suit also claims a “2009 Drake Letter Amendment” split revenue from the sale of Drake’s solo recordings between Cash Money and Young Money. YM was to receive one-third of net profits from the Canadian performer.

Other details revealed via the lawsuit include Wayne was set to earn $8 million whenever he completed a solo album and another $2 million once the project was turned in to Cash Money. Wayne believes he is owed back overhead payments and revenue from Drake sales as well.

Young Money is also suing over the company having to face legal action from label artists that assert they did not obtain due payments from Cash Money.

The documents also claim Wayne turned in his much delayed Tha Carter V album to Cash Money in early December 2014, and the label is now in breach of contract for not paying Wayne the obligated $10 million advance for the project.

Wayne expressed his frustration with Cash Money in a series of tweets on December 4. The social media posts included the platinum-selling artist stating he wanted “off this label” and “nothing to do with these people.”

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“Empire” Pulls In Bigger Audience Than “American Idol”; Premiere Tops 20 Million Total Viewers

(AllHipHop News) Some TV insiders suspected the success of Fox’s new series Empire was partly due to the show’s lead-in American Idol. This week’s episode shatters that theory as the Lee Daniels-produced program brought in more total viewers than the long-running singing competition show for the first time.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, 11.3 million viewers watched the “False Imposition” episode of Empire as compared to 11 million for Idol. This is the fourth week in a row Empire‘s audience has increased. Also, the series’ premiere has now reached 20.4 million viewers across all media platforms.

The ratings for the family drama starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson has been a hit out the gate. Empire was the biggest launch for Fox since 2012. The network has already renewed the show for a second season.

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Safaree Samuels Denies Stating He Wrote Nicki Minaj’s Raps

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Safaree “SB” Samuels started a stir when he went on The Breakfast Club and responded to Nicki by stating, “Don’t say, ‘I don’t have no talent.’ Because every time it came to writing raps and doing music – it was me, her, and a beat. She doesn’t do it by herself. It’s me and her.”

The phrase “came to writing raps” suggested Safaree was revealing he helped Nicki put her rhymes together. SB is now claiming that is not what he meant by that statement. But when The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God specifically asked about Nicki’s previous declarations she writes all her own lyrics, Samuels did not acknowledge if that was true or false.

Minaj reportedly expressed to Hot 97’s Ebro she was upset her ex would claim he contributed to her writing. The station’s morning show host told the audience, “when you assert that somebody wrote your rhymes – you know that’s Nicki’s thing.”

Safaree jumped on Twitter to address how his words came across. The tweets including him posting, “I never said I wrote her raps.”

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5 & Done: Jahzel

Institutionalized inequity snatches childhood innocence and continues to slap many upside the head. As this somber reality reflects from sea to shining sea, Chicago’s Jahzel, challenges his pen to triumph for the have-nots. Whether depicting blighted blocks or kind caresses, Jahzel’s bars demonstrate a keen and evolving  perspective on life; The Wake Up is proof.

Your words harness a powerful perspective. Are you an MC who actually puts pen to paper or do you challenge yourself to do it all mentally; when do you know a track is lyrically finished?

Actually, you know, it’s all about the music. It depends on my situation. Like, when I was first starting off as an artist, I used to take the train a lot; so, I didn’t have access to pen and paper. So, I would write in my head. If I’m in the studio and I hear an instrumental that moves me—right then, I’ll put pen to actual paper and write it out.

That took me a long time to even get to that. That was a process in itself. Now, the way that  I write my music, is right then and there; I’ll rewrite it while I’m writing the full piece. So, I might change a line or two; when it’s done it’s done. But if I feel is not developing to the tone, style, or feel that I’m wanting to do, then I’ll dead the whole song completely and move on to the next one.

“John Stockton / Radio Raheem” is my favorite track. What I received is the amplifying of stereotypes while working to use your bars to dismantle Willie’s psychological shackles; very dope. Tell me about the track.

I like that. First the vocals on there, that’s one of my homies, A Cross. Shout out to A Cross. It started off as a hungry track. I wanted people to feel the hunger, the despair. At the same time, the ambition, a hustle—I know I’ve been dealt not the best hand, but at the same time I’m willing to make the most of the situation. I’m not waiting on nobody no more. I don’t care what anybody thinks; I have to go get it. So, that’s where we started with the vocals.

Then we developed it into, ‘Hey, I don’t care.’ It’s more of a lyrical I don’t care what’s going on I have to go out here and get it type of track. And that’s pretty much where the whole feel came from. So, I wanted to structure the lyrics around that. And still be an artist, as far as my structure and my artistry. I still wanted to tell that story and capture that emotion.

If material objects are ultimately worthless, why do so many sell their souls for empty items; how does one struggling with a diminished sense of self regain his inherent sense of worth?

Sometimes, I don’t think that people realize that. I think that we have a perception that when we make it of that success is supposed to look like. And a lot of the times that looks like having certain things—big car, big home—when you get it, it’s not until you get those things that sometimes you don’t realize that this doesn’t mean anything. Part of it is a problem with society. We don’t know a lot of things until you experience it yourself.

You have to go through it yourself. I went through certain things myself and I thought that this is what success look like.  I got a few things in there. I was like, ‘You know what, I’m still hungry. I still don’t feel happy.’ Overall, people just don’t know until they go through it. To others when you collect [material] things that’s what makes you look successful or happy, or whatever it is. So, but everyone wants to have material things. It would be nice to have a nice house. We know that’s not what life’s about. Life is about just being happy in general.

Truthfully, being successful in life is one, surviving and two, surviving happily. Everything we do in life is to be happy. We pick out our clothes that make us feel good, we look good; so, we are happy. We eat foods that make us happy. We go to work, it may not make us happy, but we earn money so that we can do things that make us happy. So, different strokes for different folks. I enjoy making art. I enjoy rapping and writing music. I’m living happy; I’m surviving. I think that what success is. The happier you are, I feel the more successful you are.

The Wake Up is complete. How would you describe the process from its conception to having everything mixed and mastered?

It was grueling process. People think that making albums is so fun; it’s dope—it’s easy! Hell no, you got to do so much sh*t! From the artwork, meetings about the artwork, arguments about the artwork—the name—at one time it was called, Vintage. Obviously, that didn’t stick and that was my idea. That didn’t make it. We changed it The Wake Up. There’s a process for every step. Each step must be refined. We even had to talk about the money involved. We’re indie; we aren’t millionaires. We don’t have expendable or loose money around. We don’t just spend money on whatever. We have a tight budget on things. At time that causes problems. Studio time is not cheap. Nothing is cheap and nobody is giving you anything for free. So, overall it’s a tough process to cut a project. That’s the best way I can describe it. It is unbelievably tough.

What’s next; until the next time, what would you like to share with AllHipHop?

[chuckles] First, I’m going to get in the gym and get toned up—get real righteous. That’s step one. Second we’re working on the EP. The EP should be coming out Spring or Summer-ish. It’s going to be pretty dope. I’m trying to lock in a lot of things for it. It’s going to be a special project. We’re going to be doing some shows at some colleges. We’re going to have more of a presence online, at colleges, and in Chicago. So, that’s what I’d say is what’s on tap next for us.

Stay in touch. I love AllHipHop. That’s one of the first blogs I ever rocked with, ever! AllHipHop was one of the few sites that was popping daily. That’s one of the first sites that I went to on the daily. I’m dope to even be talking to you guys right now. Holla at me on Twitter @JahzelMusic—same handle for Facebook and Instagram!

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Dame Dash Speaks On Funkmaster Flex Vs. Jay Z (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Funkmaster Flex’s verbal assault on Jay Z had a lot of people offering their opinions on the Hot 97 DJ’s decision to go at the Roc Nation boss. Jay Z’s former business partner Dame Dash was asked about the dispute during an interview with Hip Hop Motivation.

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“I just have to say this was the coolest I’ve ever seen Funkmaster Flex, and I don’t know where he got that from,” said Dame. “I thought he was honest… Whatever Hot 97 plays the rest of the country plays. So if there’s a mentality that Hot 97 has – I think there will be a mentality that will follow. So I think the statements that he was making were impactful, because he was implementing a mentality.”

Dash goes on to add he does not believe Jay can respond to Flex, because as a corporate entity Shawn Carter adopted the corporate tactic of not bringing attention to issues that would not put him in a good light. Dame specifically mentioned the allegations Jay had Dipset’s music banned from the 40/40 Club.

“I just think there’d be a lot of questions that haven’t been asked before,” Dame stated. “Now if Jay does an interview they have to ask him, ‘Is it true you don’t let Dipset play in 40/40?’ And if that question is not asked, then it’s phony.”

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Watch Dame Dash’s interview below.

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Did Nicki Sick Thugs On Her Ex?

LOL! I love the idea that every time somebody talks slick, they get checked by some mysterious, overseeing, iron-fisted THUG COLLECTIVE. So, Safaree did a lot of talking and he was pretty clear that he did some of the writing for Nicki Minaj or at least was a part of the collaboration.

Well….weeks later, he has decided to fall allllll the way back off of that. So, yeah. I have no idea if he actually sent the thugs, but he sure changed his tune.

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Anonymous said…


Anonymous said…

Well in the interview he said that. He’s not changing his statement. He said he was there and he helped with ideas and beat selections. He even went as far to say all artist get help in some way or another.

But I still think he’s down playing his role in her success. He did more than what he’s claiming.

Anonymous said…

838 I agree He a humble guy and love her and dont want to be a bitter Floyd like mayweather. He had alot to do with her,we will see in the next few months how she starts to fall because her REAL Support is gone

Anonymous said…

We know you wrote for her Safaree. It’s okay boo. We know you still love her, and want to keep the doors open in hopes of getting back with her and her money. We get it. Most rappers have ghost writers. Ask Drake.

Kiki said…

That allowance was about to be cut off that’s why he feel he needs to “backtrack ” the words that came right out his damn mouth. Shame on you fool.

Anonymous said…

I guess the check just cleared for Safaree.

vdilla said…

Who? What? Why?

Scrumptous Bomb Diggidy Darn Good Honey Buns said…

shut safaree, you aint nobody

Anonymous said…

Hunh? Either Suffering is bi polar, a liar, or he now realizes you don’t bite the hand that feeds you! Nobody ran with bs or misconstrued his words. If he is wondering why people are going with “I wrote most of Nikki’s rhymes” statement, he doesn’t have to look further than his interview where he made the allegations!

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