French Montana – “Poison”

Walking through his penthouse in a gold Versace robe, French Montana walks room to room through a pad laden with women making out, weed burning and sports playing on the big screen. In what appears as the typical and cliche rapper’s paradise, French gets deep and talks about a poisoned love (Khloe Kardashian?). This song can be found on Mac & Cheese: The Appetizer a collaborative effort with Harry Fraud.

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More Info On The Man Suge Knight Allegedly Tried To Kill

Suge Knight was charged with murder, because police investigators believe he tried to run over another man at the scene of the crime that actually killed his friend Terry Carter.

Suge allegedly tried to kill actor Cle “Bone” Sloan when he backed up his truck into a crowd. His friend Terry just happened to be in close proximity when the former Death Row mogul gunned his truck twice.

Suge was charged with felony murder even though he missed his intended target.

Suge and Cle were in a physical fight prior to the deadly encounter.

Cle is generally a well-known figure on the West Coast, as he has actively fought to end gang violence that has plagued their communities. He was also known as an extremely active Blood from back in the day. More recently, he’s morphed into an actor that has appeared in movies like “Training Day” and “Brooklyn’s Finest.” He produced a documentary called “Bastards of the Party.”

Sloane was injured in the deadly fracas, but his wounds were categorized as “non-life threatening.”

Here is the whole movie “Bastards of the Party.”


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AllHipHop & DJ Hustle Presents: Hustle Nation 4

Our own DJ Hustle is on the turntables giving you Hustle Nation 4 Music Mix. DJ Hustle is blending and mixing the hottest new music in hip hop on Listen to DJ Hustle as he is slapping the hits from the streets. Weekly mixes will be posted for your weekly enjoyment. Let DJ Hustle know what you want the hear on Twitter or Instagram. We take music to the next level.

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Juicy J Will Co-Executive Produce ASAP Rocky’s Second Album

ASAP Rocky in getting more in touch with his trippy side. The ASAP Mobster has tapped Juicy J to executive produce his new album.

The Three Six Mafia member took to Twitter to ensure that the album would be of top notch quality.

juicy j tweet


Juicy will be co-executive producing the album along with Dangermouse. The late ASAP Yams was also executive producing the project at the time of his death.

“All I can tell you is that A$AP Yams was one of the most influential hip-hop pioneers of today,” Rocky recently told the New York Times. “I have him and Danger Mouse executive chef-ing this mystical magical piece that we call art, my music today.”

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Pretty Flacko says that the album is “basically done.” His singles “Multiply,” which features Juicy J, and “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2” are keeping fans at ease until further notice.


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Family Of Akai Gurley Plan To Sue New York City For $50 Million

The family of Akai Gurley, an unarmed man who was killed by a NYPD officer, is planning to file a $50 million lawsuit against New York City.

The mother of his two-year-old duaghter, Kimberly Ballinger, filed a claim against the NYPD, the city, Landau and Liang and filed a notice of claim against the New York City Housing Authority.

“The shooting death of Akai by the police was reckless and should not have happened,”Ballinger said at a news conference. “Akai was a great father and a good person who didn’t deserve to die like he did.”

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While patrolling the Louis H. Pink Houses in Brooklyn, officers Peter Liang and Shaun Landau were walking down a “dimly lit” staircase when Gurley and his girlfriend, Melissa Butler, entered. Liang accidentally shot Gurley without warning.

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Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson is currently investigating the shooting and will present his findings to the grand jury.

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Suge Didn’t Killed Foxy Brown Actor

A lot of innuendo and conjecture going on in the world. Lets quickly set one of the records straight about who Suge Knight killed. People are thinking he killed a legendary actor of Foxy Brown and the original Battlestar Galactica fame, but that’s not the case. This is actor Terry Carter.

But the man that Suge killed with his truck was another man Terry Carter the owner of Heavyweight records. He was an OG in his 50’s that worked with Ice Cube. He’s also worked with others like Changing Faces, Kurupt, Short Khop and Public Announcement. He was very prominent in the 90’s and 2000’s. Since he was so down with Suge and Cube, I guess they went to the set of “Straight Outta Compton” to get a good look.

Anyway, RIP….Suge has a real bloody mess on his hands.

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T.I. Wants Iggy Azalea To Stop Responding To Critics (VIDEO)

Every time Iggy Azalea catches wind that someone has thrown shade her way, she gives them a earful through 140 characters at a time. Her mentor T.I feels that she needs to give Twitter a rest and focus on the music.

“I think she should focus on what got her here,” the Grand Hustle boss told a TMZ cameraman. “It’s just like asking Tom Brady if he should be commenting on defalte-gate. He should be worried about the big game on Sunday, correct?”

Iggy has taken to Twitter to respond to criticism and sly comments from Snoop Dogg, Jill Scott and Eve, Hot 97’s Ebro Darden, Azealia Banks, Tyler the Creator, Rah Digga and Q-Tip, who gave her a lecture about hip-hop through a series of tweets.

The “Murda Bizness” rapper recently went on a rant about Steve Madden releasing pictures from her photo shoot that she didn’t approve of on a Tumblr page.

iggy tweets steve madden

Watch Tip below.

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