5 Questions With Big Tray Deee

The Long Beach OG just recently released his album, The Third Coming, independently via his new company Supreme Circle. The album itself has been a long time coming with Tray having served 9 years behind bars and surprisingly, this is his first technical solo album even though he’s been in the game since the Murder Was The Case soundtrack back in the early to mid 90’s. Raptalk caught up with the “General” for a post-release interview to briefly talk about the new album.

Can you explain why you decided to call your album the Third Coming?

I thought it was a significant time in rap for me to be coming out and being a standard for West Coast hip-hop. A lot of people try new ideas and new identities and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I decided to take it real, true, rough, rugged, raw and street – the way I was raised and where I come from. Jesus was the second coming and he brought the truth, mine is the third coming of where I bring truth and righteousness as far as the rap game is concerned. It’s a real hip-hop album, not me just getting together with a bunch of guys just making music to throw out there. You can let this album ride from intro to outro.

So this is something that your longtime fans can really get in to?

They can say, “Thank you.” They can say, “We waited all of these years and we knew you still had it in you.” I really did it for them. The “General’s List” was a compilation album that I put out years ago in 2003.

So technically this is your first solo album?

This is definitely my first solo. “The General’s List” was a compilation and I put my heart and soul into it and I still get acclaim from that album. On that album though, several artists had their own solo songs that I wasn’t even on. The “Third Coming” is my first solo album. But I look back at “The General’s List” with pride because I was able to give quite a few unknown artists some light at a time when only established artists were in the spotlight on the West Coast. They weren’t completely polished but they were solid enough for me to feel like I could get behind.

You’ve really stacked The Third Coming with some heavy features.

I had to go get my partner in rhyme Goldie Loc, and of course the big D-O-double G. I went East and grabbed Big Prodigy from Mobb Deep. But I also went a grabbed some new hot names like OT Genasis who did a song with me and my wife Coniyac. I’ve also got songs with Xzibit, DJ Quik, Problem, Crooked I, The Outlawz, my Diirty OGz homies – it’s pretty heavy weight!

I think West Coast fans will be happy about that.

I think all rap fans will be or music fans in general. Good music should be applauded. Some of us might not be big Bruce Springsteen fans but you still gotta admit that “Born In The U.S.A.” was a hit. Another example is Sting. Some of us don’t necessarily ride around in our cars but we appreciate his songs because it’s good music. My point is that good music should be saluted by all. When you hear it, even if you don’t listen to it all of the time, just acknowledge that the job was done. There’s so many of these award shows that are rigged with payola because people pay to make a certain artist hot or to get them in the spotlight to make money for the company. Regardless of the politics, good music is always going to shine through.  

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Tim Sanchez

Tim Sanchez

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