DTTX of Lighter Shade of Brown Still Alive – In Grave Condition

Word hit the internet last night that Bobby Ramirez aka DTTX of the pioneering Hispanic rap group Lighter Shade of Brown had passed away after several friends of the rapper posted RIP messages on their social media pages. Afterwards, messages of condolences started going out everywhere and even a few stations reported that he passed away, however several sources including Magic 92.5 FM in San Diego, rapper Kid Frost and even ODM himself have confirmed that DTTX is still alive. Here’s what we do know: On July 7th, 2016 DTTX was found unresponsive and taken to a Las Vegas hospital. At the time of admittance he had a fever of 107 degrees and was an unidentified patient labeled as a “John Doe.” Although it hasn’t been confirmed, some are saying that the rapper suffered an alcohol-related coma.  On July 13th, he was finally identified in which family members and friends were notified of his condition and have traveled to Las Vegas to be with him. ODM (the other half of Lighter Shade of Brown) released a statement last night that the family will be updated every real soon but they would like their privacy for the time being. Kid Frost updated his Instagram this morning to let everyone know that he visited his longtime friend in the hospital and that DTTX looked peaceful, however he added that it doesn’t look good and that he’s praying for a miracle. Our prayers and thoughts go out to DTTX and his family and friends in this time of difficulty. Lighter Shade of Brown inspired a generation of Latins and Hispanics to pick up a microphone and to have a voice in hip-hop with hits in the 90’s like “Latin Active” and “On A Sunday Afternoon.” We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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Tim Sanchez

Tim Sanchez

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