2006 #Throwback Interview with DJ Crazy Toones

It’s been a rough week for us West Coaster’s who really looked up to DJ Crazy Toones. His passing really me struck hard myself as he was very instrumental in the early part of my hip-hop career. He and his brother WC really got behind the site that I was with at the time called Westcoastrydaz and in their own words they felt a special connection with us because we actually operated out of the West Coast.

So late one night in 2006 as Toones was preparing to release his groundbreaking mixtape “The CT Experience,” we met up on a late night with my cameraman DJ Jamar and we all went out to Watts to film an interview at an automotive body shop. Toones was really passionate about this project because he felt that the “reigning” mixtape DJ’s at the time had gotten very far away from what a true DJ mixtape should sound like and he wanted to correct the game. As the years went on, I’d run into Toones and Dub at shows and studio sessions and it was all love. I will forever be grateful for their support, so in Toones honor I went and dug up this old interview to share with you all. Enjoy. Long live DJ Crazy Toones.

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Tim Sanchez

Tim Sanchez

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